The Mask-Mart Difference

Make your mask count!
Buy American made!
We provide jobs, feed families
and build communities!

  • Mask-Mart is a family-owned company created in response to the Covid pandemic.
  • We are proud to have created 25 jobs, fed families and supported small businesses in America. All of our materials are sourced in America,
  • Our masks are proudly made in the USA. All product components are USA goods. All marketing, printing and promotional products are purchased from small business owners in the USA.
  • Our masks are made in America, for America. We provide jobs, feed families and create revenue for small businesses in the U.S.
  • All Mask-Mart face masks are washable, sterilizable and reusable.
  • We offer 4 sizes…
    • XLarge
    • Large
    • Youth
    • Child
  • All sizes are made of 3-layer, 100% cotton, with antimicrobial ear loops. They are non-medical and contain no synthetic fiber or material.

Supporting the community

Mask-Mart donates 100% of its profits from the sale of Mask-Mart face masks to supporting and empowering people and the communities they serve. Our mission is to make available the opportunities, tools and resources for people to help themselves.

Mask-Mart has proudly donated thousands of masks to front-line workers, assisted-living homes, churches, schools and service organizations.  

We provide jobs for Americans, feed American families and provide business revenue for the American vendors we use.