The Mask-Mart Story

Introducing Judy Lane

Judy Lane is the founder and CEO of Mask-Mart, LLC. A serial entrepreneur, Judy is also a visionary leader that has orchestrated regional, national and global public outreach campaigns and grass-roots initiatives on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, dignitaries, state and federal agencies, and created valuable business alliance partnerships with community-based organizations and organizations that serve them. She led a coalition of more than 800 women’s business and professional organizations, serving as the voice of over 8 million women in business in America.  

Judy considered herself to be retired when the Covid Pandemic first hit in January of 2020. She thought she would buy a sewing machine and make a few masks for her elderly parents, family and friends. But that is not what the Almighty had in mind …

A family friend confided in Judy that she did not know what to do or how to help her salon employees that would have no income or means to support themselves. With the economy being derailed and businesses being shut down around the country, many service employees were suddenly faced with no means of income. They did not qualify for unemployment, special funding or grant programs. How would they survive? How would they feed their families?

“Well, do they sew?” asked Judy?

25 American jobs later, families were fed while numerous US small businesses had new orders. 10,000 masks were produced, communities were strengthened and new hope was launched.

Mask-Mart was born.

We are all in this together!

Mask-Mart is a family owned business, made in America for America.

We specialize in home-made, hand-sewn and locally sourced masks with cool designs for anyone needing one. Each of our masks is made by dozens of local seamstresses using materials sourced in the USA. Packaging and printing are done by a local printer; custom embroidery is done by a local embroider; warehousing is provided by a local facility. Every process we do at Mask-Mart is orchestrated by people from our neighborhood, and in the best interest of everyone who lives here.

In just 6 short months, Mask-Mart has created over 25 jobs, supported dozens of local small businesses and donated more than 5,000 masks coast-to-coast for front-line workers, educators and our healthcare heroes fighting every single day to help protect us. From beginning to end, our message is simple: Buy American Made.

Provide Jobs

Feed Families

Build Communities